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 We welcome you to our website. Burials have been a tradition in our family since the 9th century AD. We offer everything from a single source, from preventive care to the burial site.
After a death, we do everything that needs to be done, discreetly and very reliably. We are available day and night, including Sundays and public holidays, and we always strive to provide reliable help through modern facilities and exemplary organization.

In the event of bereavement, a personal conversation makes sense. If that is not possible, we can also communicate via telephone, WhatsApp, Signal, Skype or Telegram! The necessary powers of attorney can be granted to us via messenger or email.

If you want to donate your body as part of research, our institute will not incur any costs for the complete burial. We would be happy to discuss the process and the details in a personal conversation or you can send us an e-mail first.

In order not to overwhelm you with a flood of information, we refrain from endless texts and photo or video documentation. Here is just a small overview of our very extensive all-encompassing funeral services.  
Burial methods have changed over time. Where burial of the deceased in a coffin used to be the first choice of burial, 70% of all burials are now carried out after cremation!

We work with 4 crematoria. By arrangement, a farewell with a funeral service in two of the crematoria, directly before the cremation, with personal offerings is possible. As a relative, you can attend the handing over of the coffin to the fire in the case of an appointment cremation. 

After the cremation, there are many different ways to find the final resting place.

Most common is the burial of the urn in the cemetery in a single or communal grave, anonymously or with a gravestone. An urn can also be kept above ground, this type of burial is called a columbarium. Outside of a cemetery, there is burial at sea, mostly in the Baltic Sea or North Sea in our latitudes. We also offer silent and accompanied burials at sea via two major international shipping companies. There is the possibility of burial in one of the approximately 200 burial forests in Germany. Another decision is the diamond burial, we have been working for years with a manufactory in Switzerland that manufactures from the ashes of a deceased diamond under great pressure.

There is also air burial. We have a Cessna Skyhawk in the Netherlands at Lelystad Airport. The distribution of the ashes at the air burial can be accompanied by 2 relatives on the plane, or you can do it yourself.

During his theology and medicine studies at the University of Goettingen, the business owner also successfully completed diving training, which is why we offer a last dive for ambitious scuba divers who have passed away. A burial with a sea urn during a dive in the Netherlands. Relatives with a diving license are welcome to accompany the immersion burial.

A last alternative that is not so well known to us is the tree burial in your own garden.
The alternative to compulsory graveyards. For this purpose, the urn is transported to Switzerland or the Netherlands, where the tree burial takes place. You choose the tree species yourself, the ash is mixed with soil substrate and the young tree is raised. After about 12 months, we deliver the tree, which is about 1.5 meters tall and is robust enough to be legally planted on your own property. With this type of burial, there are no further follow-up costs for the grave site and no rights of use expire. Of course, there is also the option of having our funeral home plant anonymously in memorial groves, burial forests or specially designated nature reserves at home or abroad.
For Goettingen we are the exclusive partner of Tree of Life tree burials.

Of course, the traditional burial in a coffin is also part of our area of responsibility.
According to the Burial Act, the burial must then take place within 8 days of the death.

Through our partner companies, we offer to dissolve apartments after a death, de-register and sell cars, as well as management or sale of condominiums and houses.

In the case of hunters, gun collectors or sport shooters, we can dissolve the estate as desired, dispose of ammunition professionally and destroy or sell individual weapons. In any case, we support you if valuable heirlooms are to be taken over in accordance with the law.

Since the company owner is a hunter and falconer, we also help to find animals from a hunter´s estate to members of the relevant hunting organizations and associations.

Summarized in one sentence: We can do everything but resurrection.

At the moment, funeral services can only be held on a very small scale, we offer the relatives the opportunity to follow the funeral service via the Internet.

We will advise you safely, in detail and, of course, free of charge on all types of burial.
In the area of provision, in order to secure the funeral costs, we work exclusively with the SOLIDAR death benefit insurance VVaG .

We always keep a large selection of coffins, from the simple untreated cremation coffin to the presidential coffin, as well as an assortment of urns for the different types of burial, on land, at sea and in the air in our offices or in our offices .in stock ready for viewing. In addition, we offer our own production of urns for all types of burial as unique pieces using the filament 3D printing process. In cooperation with two experienced regional carpenters, we are also able to produce all kinds of coffins in every type of wood, design and color individually with airbrush design according to your wishes.

You can reach us via city bus lines 31, 32 and 62. Regional bus line 180.
Bus stops: An der Lutter and Lutteranger. Private parking spaces are in front of the house.

Your way to us with the Bing route planner

Due to the Corona measures currently in place, we ask that you make an appointment.

With our fleet of 4 funeral vehicles, we can also offer funerals and transfers of your relatives throughout Germany and the neighboring EU countries at any time.

Windowless vans are not used for groupage at our funeral home for the final journey. We only use hearses that have been specially modified by well-known body manufacturers and only for the individual transport of one coffin. For us, the burial culture also includes the appropriate and respectful transfer from the place of death to the cemetery.

As part of social burial, we offer the option of a quiet lake or forest burial in addition to the regular urn burial in the cemetery.

We support you, even if you want to bury your deceased relatives in your distant homeland or if you want to bring deceased family members from abroad to Germany for burial.

Even after the funeral, we're still there for you if you need our help. 

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