funeral services
* Implementation of all types of burial permitted in Germany, in the respective federal state

* If you are not mobile, we will be happy to drive and accompany you to all appointments

* Dressing, embedding and hygienic care of the deceased

* Taking fingerprints or creating a death mask

* Arranging appointments with the cemetery office and the clergy

* Open and closed laying-outs in the farewell room 

* Personal Design, planning and organization of the funeral service

* Mediation of funeral speakers, musicians, organists and / or choir

* Completion of all formalities (pension providers, insurance companies, banks, etc.)

* Advice on the choice of floral decorations and musical accompaniment

* Design and printing of obituary correspondence and obituary notices

* Deleting or editing profiles on social networks

* Creating a personal memorial website using a QR code

* Consultation, design and organization of stone carvings

* Viewing, administration and securing of the digital estate

* Colleague services and help for undertakers from outside

* Arranging professional crime scene cleaning

We also support you if you want to bury your deceased relatives at home, or if you want to bring deceased family members to Germany from abroad.

Our services:

   * International transfers of the deceased in zinc coffins or urns

   * Organization of all necessary papers and documents

   * Transfer of the deceased to or from the airport

   * Coordination of transport with airlines

   * Obtaining the transfer documents

   * Translation and certification of the documents